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We work alongside kitchen suppliers and fitters to help build the kitchen of your dreams. Just like our bathroom service, we provide 3D drawings to help show you how your brand new kitchen will look before we get started.
The kitchen is the heart of the home and therefore we put a lot of time and effort in to doing the work to provide your family with a lovely clean usable space.

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We pride ourselves in the bathrooms we do, doing the very best we can to give the customer exactly what they are after. Sometimes it's hard to visualise your new bathroom before its done so we can provide a computer drawing in 3D of your bathroom so you can picture the outcome before the work is undertaken.

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We offer a large range of bedroom storage from standard wardrobes to custom builds. Have any wardrobe or storage unit custom built to suit you and the room!

Working from home or simply just doing homework we offer a large range of customised desks with built in power points, lights and wireless phone charging. We also offer office storage space customised to your every need.

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TV wall

A Modern media Wall Unit is not only a space saving solution for modern homes but also a pleasant addition to your living rooms. With Televisions getting larger and home cinemas getting more popular, technology is becoming a more important part of our daily lives what better than a modern media wall unit to store and use all your tech without comprising on the look of your lounge, dinner , bedroom, office or kitchen.

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